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Expectations & Standards

Pupil Expectations & Standards

Conduct in Banchory Academy is based upon high standards and expectations in respect of BEHAVIOUREFFORT and DRESS/APPEARANCE.

You will be expected to behave well in all teaching areas, in corridors, in the playground, on school transport and on school visits.

You also will be expected not to interfere with the learning of others and the work of your teachers.  The behaviour expected of you in all teaching areas is described in the Code for Success.  The Code ensures that you can learn free from disruption and that good behaviour, hard work and high attainment will be praised, recognised and rewarded.

However, teachers will not ignore pupils who break any part of the Codes and any pupil who does so consistently, will be liable to sanctions of increasing seriousness.

You will be expected to carry out all requests and tasks set by members of staff. If you feel you have been treated unfairly then you can discuss the matter with your Guidance Teacher or one of the Senior Staff at the end of the school day.  Staff should treat you with consideration and courtesy and you should treat staff in the same manner.

Smoking is forbidden anywhere in the school, the school grounds or on school transport.  Cigarettes, cigarette lighters and matches must never be brought to school.

You are strongly encouraged to wear school uniform and if you are going on a trip or representing the school you will be expected to wear our uniform.  The wearing of denim clothing is not permitted.  Outdoor clothing should be removed during classes and left on the pegs provided or stored in your locker.

Please move about the school in a quiet and orderly manner.  Keep to the right and do not run.  Hold doors open for other people.  You are expected to keep the school tidy.  Place your litter in the bins and pick up litter you may see in the classroom or corridor.

All pupils must stay on the school premises at morning interval.